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See how the repair, regeneration of turbochargers looks in our company:

1. Disassembly

2. Demage verification

3. Washing and cleaning

Injector sandblaster

Parts after initial cleaning–using electro corundum (polgrid)

Parts after final cleaning using glass microspheres

4. Roller - rotor balancing

A special machine balances the rotor of a turbocharger and passes the result to the computer, which allows us to ideally balance the rotor under analysis:

5. Turbocharger reinforcement

Reinforcement, i.e., assembling the whole turbine back together, is conducted using renowned parts.

We always exchange the parts constituting for the repair kit, if needed we additionally exchange damaged parts of a turbine.

6. Operational balancing and a sealing trial

A special medium-speed operational balancer imitates the work in the engine system under pressure:

Imitation of operating in a turbo system. Medium-speed operation balancing – up to 30 000 RPM

7. High-speed operational balancing

After tests on a medium-speed balancer – a high speed trial:

A high-speed balancer, maximum parameters: 250 000 RPM

If the original part operates in up to 160 000 RPM – we test it on our machine turning it up to 200 000 RPM. If the repair is done well – your turbo will definitely stand it.

We add computer-generated reports from the balancing machine and operational balancers to all turbochargers!

8. Complete assembly

This is how regenerated turbines look – they are ready for our customers to pick up:

Turbochargers – we add the report of final operational balancing to each one!

Would you like to be 100% sure your turbo compressor will work for a long time?

Choose the complete service – only available here! If for some reason it turns out your turbo is still faulty, we will return the full cost of repair and the services of a mechanic.

Read and see why it is worth to use a complete service of turbine repair:

  • only we offer medium- and high-speed operational balancing up to 200 000 RPM
  • 12 months of warranty

*12-month warranty of the turbine applies to the regenerated part, regardless of where the assembly takes place.

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